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Standard design

Standard Design rates are $250 for the first page and $100 for each additional page.

A page is defined as an HTML file. If the content of the page is over 250 words, it must be provided in a digital format. (i.e., .txt, .doc, .wpd, .rtf, etc.)

Your entire web site as a package includes the following graphics;

One header (graphical title, identifies the website),
One footer (includes information, i.e., email, phone, fax, etc.),
Simple navigation graphics (this includes; single buttons or an image map to navigate the web site) Advanced graphics work is custom graphics design rate.),
Scanned images (We will scan up to 10 images for every one page of your web site. These images can be used anywhere on the website. Additional scanned images are $1.00 each)
Submission to search engines is also included.

* Note Headers and footers will be used on all pages in the web site.

Some interactive forms are available for no additional charge. (i.e., guestbook, feedback form)

Additional Services
Custom Graphics
Interactive Forms
CGI Scripts
PHP Scripts
Java Applets
Macromedia Flash Design
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We also offer an innovative website maintenance plan.