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Our mission is to provide quality, innovative, Internet products at reasonable prices and deliver exceptional customer service.
We will not support pornography, profanity, subversive political or racial views. We reserve the right to refuse business that we feel is illegal, immoral; or unethical.
WWIT will strongly react to misuse of computer services that are not deemed acceptable, these include;
  1. Unauthorized use of someone’s account by a WWIT customer, such as password cracking or security violations.
  2. E-mail advertising for commercial purposes. Any email accounts hosted by WWIT used for spamming will be terminated. Approved listservs only.

Client assumes all responsibility for web site content. WWIT is not responsible for copyright infringements. WWIT may decline material if a copyright violation seems apparent and client has not sought permission for use.

Disciplinary action may consist of warnings, suspension, cancellation or legal action.

WWIT will not disclose any information regarding its client base to third parties for commercial use apart from the agents WWIT contracts with to provide the said services.

If you notice any abuse of any WWIT accounts please email webmaster@wwit.com.